1. So many books, so little time to read them all!!

The Missionary

The Missionary - Jack Wilder

Such a awesome book!!!

Loved this book, it was so extreme, I couldn't put it down, made you continuously want to find out what was gonna happen next. It was so scary the things those girls had to endure. This book showed you some of the cruelty in this world, because even though it was fictional, it's so true how those things happen in the real world. This is a must read book!!!


Don't Make Me Beautiful

Don't Make Me Beautiful - Elle Casey

I thought this book was very, very good!! I hated how Nicole was treated by her boyfriend John, he destroyed her face when he repeatedly abused her by hitting & kicking her, also broke several bones. So glad that Liam, a boy from the neighborhood, hit that baseball into her window. When Brian (Liam's dad) went to check out the window, he seen Nicole laying in the floor about to die (cause John had beat the shit outta her so badly). He saved her life by breaking in and getting her to the hospital. Brian took her in, took care of her, hid her, and made sure she was safe from the evil boyfriend. Can't believe all the mess she was went through when she was with that jerk. It was especially bad when she got pregnant and had the baby in a nasty garage. Then, he takes the baby away from her and makes her think it was dead while he took the baby and gave her to another woman. I would've killed him when I found out that she was still alive and that woman had her. But in the end all turned out well, she fell in love with Brian and Liam while staying there with them, and got her baby girl Brianna back. This was a very good book, and awesome story line!!


Worth The Risk


This was a really good short read about a girl named "Catalina", that was rich and wasn't looking for love, it just came to her. She met Damien at a party her dad had had for her graduation of college. Damien works for her dad, and he along with others attended the party. Her dad introduced them and that's all it took, they both fell for each other on the spot. Damien ask her out to eat and she had already fell for him and agreed to go. Catalina was afraid to tell her dad of the relationship she was having, so they sneaked around for sometime going to dinner and visiting his house. After her dad had some suspicions, he finally figured out they were secretly spending time together and had kept this from him. Her dad was upset when he found out, she was at Damien's house and had Catalina's maid "Gigi" to call her. She came home and told her dad how she felt about Damien and how much she wanted to be with him. Her dad was upset cause they hadn't told him, but thought it was good she was dating him. Later that night Catalina had a dinner and invited Damien so he could talk with her father. Damien spoke to her dad, and told him the love he felt for Catalina, then told him he wanted to marry her. Catalina's dad was happy with that but thought it was a little to soon to get married. Damien told Catalina about his conversation with her father, told her he wanted to marry her but not right now. She was happy, she told him that she would say yes when the time was right. They both were so in love with each other and ready to start their lives together, when the time was right.

Sleeves - Chanse Lowell

If your up for a sci/fi-erotica then this is your kinda book. For me,it took me a bit to get into this weird & different book. I almost didn't finish this book, but it keeps making you wonder what is going to happen next, so I finished it, I was glad I did.

If you like alpha males in a cage that, has a big dick, wears sleeves, and likes a hand jobs, then this is for you. Kel's very sensitive to touch, until he meets a girl named Casey, all that sensitivity soon eases off with her. This story not only has alot of sex, but it's hard, rough sex, and lots of it. He also has some weird stuff going on with him that makes you want to find out more. The end of the story really tells all of what you wonder about throughout the story, so if you hang with it till the end you will learn what has been going on.

Cage  - Harper Sloan

OMG, this book is just as great as the first one!!! Cage & Melissa had so many up & downs along the way but stayed together and toughed it out. This is a great story can't wait for Beck & Dee's story to come out next!!!

Messy and Shattered - Mercy Cortez

Thought this was a pretty good book, felt a little rushed in some areas, but over all a good story behind it. Can't wait for the next books in the series.

Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters This book was wonderful. It may have started a little slow for some in the beginning, but I thought it was great!! Loved Tess and Q, they both made such a wonderful story. I felt so sorry for Tess and all the pain and suffering she went through in Mexico. Also, when she ran and that guy took her to that house, I was dying for her to get out of that situation and then Q came and saved her, it was so sweet. Then, he sent her home and she was so sad, made you feel all her emotions that she felt. In the ending, had to be the most fantastic feeling when he took her back and he suffered just as much as she did but was afraid to tell her. Can't wait for Quintessentially Q to come out. Couldn't put this book down!! Overall, this was such a amazing read, bring on the next book Pepper Winters!!
Sometimes It Lasts  - Abbi Glines

What can I say other than Abbi Glines is a great author!! I loved this story of Cage & Eva they are so in love and have a few obstacles go through along the way. One being, Eva wants Cage to go to TN without her so he doesn't lose his scholarship with baseball after Eva's dad gets sick. This puts their love to a test, she is torn between staying with her sick dad or going to Tn with Cage for him to play ball. Baseball is what Eva wants Cage to do so he doesn't lose his scholarship and end up regretting it later. Some of his ball buddies end up screwing him over and drugging him into some pretty intriguing pictures, then his friends send them to Eva beyond Cage's knowledge. Well, we all know what happens when she receives those pics..needless to say they break up. Soon, Eva finds out she is pregnant(by Cage), then tells her best friend Jeremy, which is Josh's(ex-fiance that died)twin brother, this makes him think he's in love with her and can take care of her and the baby, so he proposes to her. She's not in love with Jeremy, but thinks her dad will feel better if she excepts the proposal from a good guy. Cage soon finds out that her daddy has died and comes back to Alabama, only to see Eva is pregnant & engaged at the funeral. He knows the baby is his immediately, he wants to do something about it! He soon realizes his mistakes he's made and rushes back to the farm to help her out and make her fall in love with him again. Jeremy and Cage work together on the farm, Jeremy tells Cage he's not in love with Eva, as he thought, and only loves her as a friend. Jeremy goes that afternoon and breaks off the engagement with Eva, then he leaves for a few days to leave them alone. When he returns, Cage has told his story to Eva about what those guys did to frame him, she was so hurt in the beginning she didn't want to listen to him. Cage told her he had gave up his scholarship and wanted to live his life with her in the south and he could continue college there. That's exactly what happened, he moved in with her, proposed to her,they end up getting married, and are gonna have a little girl named Bliss..... Can't wait to continue reading their story, I hope Abbi continues telling it about them and the baby!!!! Wonderful stories she writes.....everytime!!!

Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4) - Abbi Glines Very good read, of coarse, Abbi Glines stories always please me!! I love Preston & Manda, cute story of a man-whore reformed. He was a really good guy for taking care of his brothers and sister, cause his mother was a drug-whore, who could care less about any of them. No one knew he took care of those kids, this is why he was man-whoring with older wealthier women, only way he could make enough money to help them he thought. A night in a bar he noticed her, Preston noticed all girls and all noticed this pretty boy, but Amanda was different. Amanda was in love with him, and she didn't think he knew that she existed other than being the sister to his best friend, Marcus. One night changed everything when he was drunk and hit on Amanda, this was her opportunity to be with him. She didn't know he was so drunk he wouldn't even remember it. Will they find love....will he suddenly remember or does she just wanna forget, maybe both?? This is a definite read, find out what will be glad you did!!!
Losing Him  - Jennifer Foor

Where do I begin, first off, I think Jennifer Foor is a wonderful author, and I think the "Mitchell" series is totally awesome series!!!This was such a great story about Heather, everyone hated her throughout the series for making everyone's life miserable. She makes you feel sorry for her and be happy for her in the end! She had done a lot of bad things throughout the whole series. But it makes you have a change of heart for her cause her mother dies from cancer, then she has really bad fight with her boyfriend (aka her babies daddy), then has a really bad wreck that almost kills her, plus everyone's still hating her. After her car wreck, she gets forgiveness by the people who hated her the most, the Mitchell family. After she gets better from the car wreck, she fights her true love cause of doubt. Finally her & Jessie work everything out, and they get married. In the end, Heather, Jessie and their son, Jacob, have a happily ever after....what she has always wanted.

Gone Wild - Ever McCormick

Very good book.....loved it!!! This was a great story about a girl that just needed some time on her own after a very bad break up. While at that cabin she found confidence, power and will to start a new life with a very sexy man named Adam. Adam was the man who owned the cabins and helped Ina get back to herself and fall in love all over again.... with the right guy this time. But, they have a feeling that someone is watching them, only soon to find out there's a escape convict from a near by prison. Ina soon finds out how to shoot a gun and be able to put it to good use as they find the escape prisoner is wanting Ina for himself. A definite read filled with a all emotional roller coaster!!!

Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning I love this series of books, hate for them to come to a end , but what a great end it was!!! Love these guys....Olivia is a wonderful author!!
Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin Hands down this was a very fantastic read, I love Jay & Charlee!!! Is a MUST READ BOOK!!! This was a very good story loved all the ups and downs even when they were at there very worst. Glad to see everything worked out so good in the ending!!! I was beginning to feel really sad for Jay, but I knew she had something worked out in her mind to escape Roy. She did all the right things too!!! Loved the ending it was so sweet, so happy for Jay & Charlee!!
Force of Nature - Sydney Logan This book was a very good, short book. It was very sweet tell of two finding love during a tornado, while being stuck in a campus library's basement. Would've been nice if she had continued on with the story more. Please come out with another book to continue their story, Sydney Logan!!!!
Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan O-M-G!! HOT!! HOT!!! HOT!!! Really, what do say to a perfect book with a AWESOME ending!! Harper Sloan, did a wonderful job when she wrote this book there's nothing bad to say it was all WONDERFUL!! Absolutely LOVED Axel he was totally HOT!!! I know every girl, wife, mother would love to have a Axel of their very own. Definitely read this book you won't regret it, you will love it!!! Can't wait for the next book!!!
Beautifully Broken (Addicted To You, #2) - Lucy Covington Pretty good books so far, just wished all the short stories were together as one big book! It keeps getting better each book u read!

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