Sleeves - Chanse Lowell

If your up for a sci/fi-erotica then this is your kinda book. For me,it took me a bit to get into this weird & different book. I almost didn't finish this book, but it keeps making you wonder what is going to happen next, so I finished it, I was glad I did.

If you like alpha males in a cage that, has a big dick, wears sleeves, and likes a hand jobs, then this is for you. Kel's very sensitive to touch, until he meets a girl named Casey, all that sensitivity soon eases off with her. This story not only has alot of sex, but it's hard, rough sex, and lots of it. He also has some weird stuff going on with him that makes you want to find out more. The end of the story really tells all of what you wonder about throughout the story, so if you hang with it till the end you will learn what has been going on.