Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters This book was wonderful. It may have started a little slow for some in the beginning, but I thought it was great!! Loved Tess and Q, they both made such a wonderful story. I felt so sorry for Tess and all the pain and suffering she went through in Mexico. Also, when she ran and that guy took her to that house, I was dying for her to get out of that situation and then Q came and saved her, it was so sweet. Then, he sent her home and she was so sad, made you feel all her emotions that she felt. In the ending, had to be the most fantastic feeling when he took her back and he suffered just as much as she did but was afraid to tell her. Can't wait for Quintessentially Q to come out. Couldn't put this book down!! Overall, this was such a amazing read, bring on the next book Pepper Winters!!