Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4) - Abbi Glines Very good read, of coarse, Abbi Glines stories always please me!! I love Preston & Manda, cute story of a man-whore reformed. He was a really good guy for taking care of his brothers and sister, cause his mother was a drug-whore, who could care less about any of them. No one knew he took care of those kids, this is why he was man-whoring with older wealthier women, only way he could make enough money to help them he thought. A night in a bar he noticed her, Preston noticed all girls and all noticed this pretty boy, but Amanda was different. Amanda was in love with him, and she didn't think he knew that she existed other than being the sister to his best friend, Marcus. One night changed everything when he was drunk and hit on Amanda, this was her opportunity to be with him. She didn't know he was so drunk he wouldn't even remember it. Will they find love....will he suddenly remember or does she just wanna forget, maybe both?? This is a definite read, find out what happens....you will be glad you did!!!