Sometimes It Lasts  - Abbi Glines

What can I say other than Abbi Glines is a great author!! I loved this story of Cage & Eva they are so in love and have a few obstacles go through along the way. One being, Eva wants Cage to go to TN without her so he doesn't lose his scholarship with baseball after Eva's dad gets sick. This puts their love to a test, she is torn between staying with her sick dad or going to Tn with Cage for him to play ball. Baseball is what Eva wants Cage to do so he doesn't lose his scholarship and end up regretting it later. Some of his ball buddies end up screwing him over and drugging him into some pretty intriguing pictures, then his friends send them to Eva beyond Cage's knowledge. Well, we all know what happens when she receives those pics..needless to say they break up. Soon, Eva finds out she is pregnant(by Cage), then tells her best friend Jeremy, which is Josh's(ex-fiance that died)twin brother, this makes him think he's in love with her and can take care of her and the baby, so he proposes to her. She's not in love with Jeremy, but thinks her dad will feel better if she excepts the proposal from a good guy. Cage soon finds out that her daddy has died and comes back to Alabama, only to see Eva is pregnant & engaged at the funeral. He knows the baby is his immediately, he wants to do something about it! He soon realizes his mistakes he's made and rushes back to the farm to help her out and make her fall in love with him again. Jeremy and Cage work together on the farm, Jeremy tells Cage he's not in love with Eva, as he thought, and only loves her as a friend. Jeremy goes that afternoon and breaks off the engagement with Eva, then he leaves for a few days to leave them alone. When he returns, Cage has told his story to Eva about what those guys did to frame him, she was so hurt in the beginning she didn't want to listen to him. Cage told her he had gave up his scholarship and wanted to live his life with her in the south and he could continue college there. That's exactly what happened, he moved in with her, proposed to her,they end up getting married, and are gonna have a little girl named Bliss..... Can't wait to continue reading their story, I hope Abbi continues telling it about them and the baby!!!! Wonderful stories she writes.....everytime!!!