Losing Him  - Jennifer Foor

Where do I begin, first off, I think Jennifer Foor is a wonderful author, and I think the "Mitchell" series is totally awesome series!!!This was such a great story about Heather, everyone hated her throughout the series for making everyone's life miserable. She makes you feel sorry for her and be happy for her in the end! She had done a lot of bad things throughout the whole series. But it makes you have a change of heart for her cause her mother dies from cancer, then she has really bad fight with her boyfriend (aka her babies daddy), then has a really bad wreck that almost kills her, plus everyone's still hating her. After her car wreck, she gets forgiveness by the people who hated her the most, the Mitchell family. After she gets better from the car wreck, she fights her true love cause of doubt. Finally her & Jessie work everything out, and they get married. In the end, Heather, Jessie and their son, Jacob, have a happily ever after....what she has always wanted.