Worth The Risk


This was a really good short read about a girl named "Catalina", that was rich and wasn't looking for love, it just came to her. She met Damien at a party her dad had had for her graduation of college. Damien works for her dad, and he along with others attended the party. Her dad introduced them and that's all it took, they both fell for each other on the spot. Damien ask her out to eat and she had already fell for him and agreed to go. Catalina was afraid to tell her dad of the relationship she was having, so they sneaked around for sometime going to dinner and visiting his house. After her dad had some suspicions, he finally figured out they were secretly spending time together and had kept this from him. Her dad was upset when he found out, she was at Damien's house and had Catalina's maid "Gigi" to call her. She came home and told her dad how she felt about Damien and how much she wanted to be with him. Her dad was upset cause they hadn't told him, but thought it was good she was dating him. Later that night Catalina had a dinner and invited Damien so he could talk with her father. Damien spoke to her dad, and told him the love he felt for Catalina, then told him he wanted to marry her. Catalina's dad was happy with that but thought it was a little to soon to get married. Damien told Catalina about his conversation with her father, told her he wanted to marry her but not right now. She was happy, she told him that she would say yes when the time was right. They both were so in love with each other and ready to start their lives together, when the time was right.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18623538-worth-the-risk