Don't Make Me Beautiful

Don't Make Me Beautiful - Elle Casey

I thought this book was very, very good!! I hated how Nicole was treated by her boyfriend John, he destroyed her face when he repeatedly abused her by hitting & kicking her, also broke several bones. So glad that Liam, a boy from the neighborhood, hit that baseball into her window. When Brian (Liam's dad) went to check out the window, he seen Nicole laying in the floor about to die (cause John had beat the shit outta her so badly). He saved her life by breaking in and getting her to the hospital. Brian took her in, took care of her, hid her, and made sure she was safe from the evil boyfriend. Can't believe all the mess she was went through when she was with that jerk. It was especially bad when she got pregnant and had the baby in a nasty garage. Then, he takes the baby away from her and makes her think it was dead while he took the baby and gave her to another woman. I would've killed him when I found out that she was still alive and that woman had her. But in the end all turned out well, she fell in love with Brian and Liam while staying there with them, and got her baby girl Brianna back. This was a very good book, and awesome story line!!